Dr Graciela Rovner

Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Medicine

MSc. and Senior pain specialist Physiotherapist
MSc. in Psychology, MSc. in Clinical Medical Sciences
ACT International peer-reviewed trainer

My personal story

As an energetic and physical child, it was castrating not to be allowed to move or be part of sports at school because of my asthma, not to mention how the daily intake of cortisone and Valium transformed me to an overweight and depressed teenager. Luckly my mother got interested on natural medicine which we tried when my back and joints started to ache and the pain won’t go away. This shift initiated me into looking for other ways to live a healthy life.

I took many courses and training in different therapeutic methods, I did many years of expressive dance, music, Tai Chi, Qigong, body awareness. I kept exploring ways to understand myself. As young woman I needed to get some distance from a dominant father and a culture of suppression, so I decided to move, first to a Buddhistic monastery and later to Sweden.

Thirty years later, I have a wonderful family, two children, a grandchild, a loving husband and the feeling of having left many lives in this life, and still more adventures to come… Born in Argentina, lived in Italy, France, Brazil, the US and most of my life now in Sweden, a beautiful country which values are more aligned with my heart.

The professional story

I have always been interested in medicine and psychology, studied both; none of them alone made sense, and something was missing. Physiotherapy bridged that gap by integrating the body, the movement, which together offered amazing therapeutic tools. Witnessing the fantastic outcomes of more than 400 clients per semester who underwent a 12 weeks group-program was both amazing. But it was also puzzling, and I was always wondering why they got such results in the programs I had created and not in the one offered b the health care service. I wanted to understand what I was doing.

Looking for some answers while writing one of my theses, I started to read about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I got impressed by its sound underlying theory and empirical development. After my first live-trainings in the early ’00s, I still have the great luck to participate in workshops with the most brilliant ACT trainers, amongst them, the founders,
I became a trainer in 2014, and I am still the only physiotherapist in our international trainer community (we are around 100).



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Dr. Graciela Rovner
+46 (0)709 74 37 77


Trälåsvägen 13 A
Gothenburg, SWEDEN


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