Courses & Workshops

–What is the uniqueness of these courses?”

They include the ACTiveRehab model, the only empirically- developed adaptation of ACT processes into all the different health professionals 

ACTiveRehab includes a systematic and evidence-based assessment tool

–”Is AT Institutet offering different courses?”



Open courses & workshops

These courses are for primary care and rehabilitation professionals working with patients with combined chronic conditions (somatic and mental).

The workshops are offered in our beautiful space 9 minutes from the central station and in the meeds of the woods.


ACT is a psychotherapy based on empirical tested mechanisms of action that account for behavioral changes. ACTiveRehab goes back to these mechanisms and help all the other professionals to build their practice on these mechanisms BUT WITH THEIR OWN TOOLS.

Clinical development


Wellbeing & self-care

ACTiveRehab provides health professionals with tools and skillset to accurately and effectively manage stressful situations in a mindful manner, with self-care and self-compassion.
In the near future, and given the high demand, ACT Institutet will also offer courses for the general public and individuals with chronic conditions.

Stay tuned!


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