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27 March, SWABA, Stockholm
9 April, Dublin College, Irland
24 April, Odense, Dk
17 June, Tel Aviv, Israel
14 July, New Orleans, La, USA 

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Clinical development & implementation

ACTiveRehab offers…


Adaptation of ACT principles for physiotherapists, OT, MC and nurses

ACTiveRehab builds on the principle behind ACT (that is psychotherapy) to support the other professions to reorganize the own tool box in an ACT-coherent manner.

Inter-professional team work (ACTiveTeam)

ACTiveRehab offers a structure and a common language for the inter-professional team and integrated care to apply the processes of ACT in to improve effectiveness and the team dynamics.

Susteinable lifestyle changes for patients with chronic conditions

ACTiveLifestyle is the module of ACTiveRehab to target our main health problem:  chronic and non-communicable diseases, such as pain, cardiovascular, respiratory, inflammatory and mental health. To prompt effective and sustainable lifestyle changes is the highest goal for an effective health care system and ACTiveRehab offers the guide ….

ACTiveRehab’s foundations 

ACT is a fascinating, effective and pragmatic psychotherapy that teaches us ho to move in life in the precence of difficulties.
However, while building the first ACT clinic in Western Sweden, several concerns arrised. ACTiveRehab’s clinical research program was developed to create ways to:

  1. Adapt the science and principles behind ACT but in our different fields using our own tools (without doing psychotherapy)
  2. Streamline the intake, assessment, selection, and allocation of patients into rehabilitation programs (and kill the long waiting list)
  3. Tailor rehabilitation programs for groups of patients with similar needs and capacity to make changes



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