KI- ACT för fysioterapi och arbetsterapi 7,5 hp avancerad nivå

KI- ACT för fysioterapi och arbetsterapi 7,5 hp avancerad nivå

ACT Institutet Sweden

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ACT Institutet Sweden

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The personal story

As an energetic and physical child, it was castrating not to be allowed to move or be part of sports at school because of my asthma, not to mention how the daily intake of cortisone and Valium transformed me to an overweight and depressed teenager. luckly my mother got interested to natural medicine which we tried when my back and joints hurt and the pain won’t go away. This shift inspired me to look for other ways to live a healthy life.

I took many courses and training in different therapeutic methods, I did many years of expressive dance, music, Tai Chi, Qigong, body awareness. I kept exploring ways to understand myself. As young woman I needed to get some distance from a dominant father and a culture of suppression, so I decided to move, first to a Buddhistic monastery and later to Sweden.

Thirty years later, I have a wonderful family, two children, a grandchild, a loving husband and feel that I had the luck to live many lives in this life. Born in Argentina, lived in Italy, France, Brazil, the US and most of my life now in Sweden, a beautiful country which values are more aligned with my heart. 

The professional story

I have always been interested medicine and psychology, studied both, none of them alone made sense. Physiotherapy completed them both integrating the body in movement and the physical capacity to participate and be part of a social context. However, I was still looking for a sund theory that could help me integrate not only these scientific discplines, but to be able to integrate the human being.

While writing one of my theses, back in the 90 I start finding interesting pieces of something like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but much stronger in theory. It took time to understand it given a quite nerd language that I was not so used to. The first book about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) came 1999 and then I start reading all what came and specially in the field of chronic pain.
Three masters later (in physiotherapy, psychology and clinical medical sciences) and a PhD in Rehabilitation medicine all related to different ways to further develop ACT into our different fields. The clinical implementation was supported by a European grand back in the 2008 allowing the first ACT-based pain rehab team to be built in Western Sweden.

Since then I have been doing research with my briljant medical and physiotherapy students and implementing together with great colleagues in different pain rehabilitation clinics, not only in Sweden, but also in Europe and even in Argentina. I worked as clinical development manager while doing my post doc at Karolinska University Hospital and now I have the honor to be part of the Physiotherapy Dept at Karolinska Institutet.

I have also founded a rehabilitation center in Gothenburg in the 90’ that now became the ACT Institutet Sweden, offering open and in house trainings, cliical supervision and organizational consulting for clinics that want to streamline their logistic while working evidence-based with ACT and reach higher quality, more effectivity and decrease stress among their helath care professionals.

December 2021