The three pillars of ACTiveRehab

ACTiveRehab is owned and directed by Dr. Rovner, a senior clinician, clinical development manager (at part time at the University hospital at Karolinska Institutet) and lecturer. In her organization she offers consulting to pain clinics around the world and all the winnings are used to research on and develop training and treatment methods. ACTiveRehab offers courses and workshops in several countries and languages.

Consulting expertise: Implementation of new knowledge and practice adopting new evidence in clinical contexts, adapting Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and mindfulness principles to help leaders and practitioners to overcome the challenges they face due to uncertainty and resistance to changes that all implementation process creates.

Research and development: All the earnings i are in the service of research and development of models to help clinical settings and practitioners to effectively meet chronic conditions in our population. The WHO guidelines urge health care systems to prevent and treat chronic conditions with sustainable lifestyle changes. Our research translates knowledge from empirically tested and evidence based science of behavioural change to further understand mechanisms needed to effectively deliver sustainable and short interventions improving the self-care and enhancing life-style changes for both the health professional and the patients.

Education: ACTiveRehab offers training and clinical supervision to professionals in the area of specialized chronic pain and mental health. She teaches also at Karolinska Institutet (implementation of behavioural medicine, ACT and mindfulness) and at the University of Gothenburg, at the medical school. She offers workshops in different countries, such as UK, Spain, South America, US and Canada. Her trainings are offered or in Swedish, or in English or in Spanish.

WORKSHOPS: soon you will find all the workshops offered under 2016. There will be workshops in Canada, Spain, Belgium, Danmark and Sweden.