Clinical development with ACTiveRehab

ACT implementation in Specialty Care Settings
Clinical Development with ACTiveRehab

Clinical development

 with ACT and ACTiveRehab 

ACTiveRehab reorganizes and streamlines  the clinical pathways

Professional development

How to adapt ACT to your own profession and with your own tools.  

ACTiveRehab will improve your skills to prompt sustainable behavioral changes when working in rehabilitation or with individuals with chronic conditions. 

Personal development

Why some people that experience pain (physical, mental and social) live vital and meaningful lives while others get stuck and suffer?

ActiveRehab will help you to ge the skills needed to be able to navigate difficulties with vitality and give meaning to your life.


Some ideas about ACT’s implementation in Rehabilitation and Specialty Care

Referrals to specialty care increases around the globe. Mental health, chronic pain, neuro-rehabilitation clinics, among others, have difficulties to keep pace and the waiting lists grow bigger adding enormous press and stress to the professionals.

To implement a new therapy alone will not resolve the root problem, even if it has strong scientific evidence. 

We are still missing systematization to assess and understand what exactly each patient needs and why.

To implement just a new therapy will not resolve the root problem. care in many countries suffer of similarOur team is interested in ACT, but only the psychologists manage to use it safely. Can we adapt it for the inter-professional team?

Yes, given that ACT is a psychotherapy in order to be used by the other professionals, an adaptation is needed. This is what the therapeutic module of ACTiveRehab offers.

How can the inter-professional team work with ACT?

We are looking for a shared way to discuss in the team so we an better understand each other

This is a common problem in the integrated or inter-professional team work. ACTiveAssessment module offers a shared way to understand the patients needs. Furthermore, it guides the team in the design of the rehabilitation program and informs each professional in own to use their own tools to design their intervention

1. Implementing evidence based therapy in the pain clinic, given that ACT (Acceptance and commitment Therapy) has strong evidence for chronic pain, according to the APA.
2.Implementing ACTiveRehab, that is the adaptation of ACT principles into the inter professional team (since ACT is a psychotherapy)
3. ACTiveRehab streamline intake and assessment pathways by applying the ACTiveAssessment taxonomy that identifies the rehab needs and responsiveness of patient to rehab and inform the professionals how to design the rehabilitation program for these different needs
4. These needs have empirically been grouped as 4 profiles that require slightly different ACT principles, intensity and dosage of rehab, which allows the team to group their patient and thus popper personalize group rehab programs

1. Offers the team a common language and thus a better understanding av each otheer (and less potential conflicts)
2. Offers a modality for peer-supervision/consultation where the team can increase their knowledge over time and learn how to introduce new colleagues into this work-modality
3. ACTiveRehab allows the clinic to group patients according to their capacity to make behavioral changes, effective the logistic of the clinic which
4. Decreases or kill potential waiting lists
5. Enhanced revenues

Chronic conditions are related to our capacity to take care of ourselves, to our level ofphysical activity,  diet, how we relate to ourselves and others. These everyday behaviors (physical, mental and social) can effectively be improved by short and group-based interventions delivered by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists, and the rehabilitation team.

ACTiveRehab  and the ACT principles help us to grow and live the life we dream of, wether you are a health care professional or not.

ACTiveReab’s innovations

ACTiveRehab is a comprehensive clinical development model based on the underlying  processes of ACT. ACTiveRehab will not only improve your professional skills but also support your personal development and bring bring a sound and thriving envirenement at your workplace .

How can we adapt ACT into other professional fields?

Learn  how to adapt and translate ACT into your own  profession  (physio, OT, MD, nurse, sports therapist, etc.) and for the team.

How can we do an assessment that inform us what exactly the patient needs?

To empirically develop a taxonomy to identify and group patients according to their different behavioral patterns (and responsiveness to interventions): the ACTiveAssessment framework.

How can we find a common language among different professions?

To guide the practitioner to tailor the ACT-informed intervention for each group: ACTiveRehab.


The last but not the least, ACTiveRehab includes an organizational strategy tool to support the clinical implementation, innovation to streamline the organization.



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