The integration of ACT in medicine
with Kelly Wilson, co-founder of ACT and Graciela Rovner founder of ACTiveRehab exchanging exciting ideas!


Why Behavior Therapy is Important in Medicine- Many voices 5.1 - Praxis TV

Chronic illness is now a worldwide epidemic. These diseases can largely be described as diseases of behavior. Graciela Rovner and Kelly Wilson discuss why now, more than ever, medicine and behavior therapy need to be integrated, and why Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is the model that most precisely addresses these issues.

Why Medicine and Psychotherapy Need Each Other-Many Voices 5.2

Now more than ever, medicine and psychotherapy need each other. Behavioral medicine expert Graciela Rovner and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy co-founder Kelly Wilson talk about why and offer some ideas about how these two fields might finally come together to help heal people’s minds and bodies.

Why Isn't Self-are Taught in Schools Many Voices 5.3

Think back over your life. Were you ever taught to take care of yourself? Was the very idea of self-care even mentioned in schools, from family, or with friends?
If so, you’re one of the lucky ones. Many in today’s world are never taught that taking care of themselves is important.
Acceptance and commitment therapy co-founder, Kelly Wilson, and behavioral medicine expert Graciela Rovner discuss how critical self-care is and how we might help more people take care of themselves the way they would a loved one.

Self Care with Compassion--Many Voices 5.4

In the face of epidemic levels of chronic illness, the idea of “self care” is more crucial now than it has ever been. But how we approach this self care is important too. For example, you can force yourself to quit smoking, start dieting, or begin an exercise routine; or you can learn how to care about yourself enough to implement these changes. Which do you think is more successful?

Behavioral medicine expert, Graciela Rovner and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy cofounder Kelly Wilson explore why self care with compassion is essential if you want to be fully healthy human being.

Stigmatizing People Doesn't Cure Them--Many Voices 5.5

Much of the medical (and even some of the psychotherapeutic) community have a very paternalistic point of view. Doctors want patients to do what they are told. If they don’t, patients are often blamed or stigmatized.
Acceptance and commitment therapy cofounder, Kelly Wilson, and behavior medicine specialist, Graciela Rovner explore this question: When has stigma ever helped cure anyone? And they explore alternatives to the blame and shame model.

Embodied ACT --Many Voices 5.6

Join us in this amazing workshop! You will learn a totaly way to use ACT and to take care of yourself…and how to move you patients into taking care of themselves with compassion!
We will undestand how the division between psychological health and physical health is, in some ways, artificial. What we are after is whole body health. Behavior medicine expert, Graciela Rovner, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) co-founder, Kelly Wilson, discuss the possibility of an “embodied” ACT–one where the flexibility processes are represented not only in the mind but in the body as well.