Steve Hayes, Skills Training, Intermediate level- Stockholm 5-6 Sept 2015

Danderyd Hospital, Clinicum Hus 2 Danderyds Sjukhus, Stockholm, Sweden

Professor Steve Hayes, ACT grounder Unique opportunity of high level ACT training in Scandinavia! Do not miss the amazing experience to be trained by 'the master'. This is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity! This workshop is only for psychotherapists that already are working with ACT! This workshop is a intensive two full days that designed to support clinical-skills building […]


ACT with Self-Care, the inaugural workshop by Prof Kelly Wilson, Gothenburg- SWEDEN

ACT INSTITUTET SWEDEN Trälåsvägen 13 A, 1 floor, Gothenburg, Sverige

ACT with Self-Care, the inaugural workshop by Prof Kelly Wilson 16-17 June 2017 Self-Care is often last on the list. But think twice, is there any of your important values that can be vitally performed without you being vital and full functioning? Who is nourishing that process of vitality, if not you? Self-Care and Self-compassion are found to […]


ACTiveRehab seminar at Kysthospitalet, Norway

Workshop with Dr. Graciela Rovner - "ACTiveRehab - Implementing the underlying therapeutic processes of ACT for the inter-professional team rehab" The workshop offers an introduction to ACT and the underlying components to generate effective behavioral changes. The ACTiveRehab streamline the organization and offers an innovative and patient-centered way to help our patients with chronic pain […]

BeMindful och ACT! För läkare

Kursen bygger på ett program som ACT Institutet utvecklade för ett EU projekt. Den ges på svenska med engelsk litteratur.